Thursday, April 1, 2010

rabbit, rabbit

goodbye march, and hello april.

we've officially returned to our month of arrival, which means 14 days left in korea. my vocabulary can't get past the holy crap stage. i'm just an irritating broken record about how fast this year has gone and how soon we'll be leaving it all behind.

however, we've got plenty to do in the next coming days. as per usual, my loose ends will be tied in last minute, procrastinating fashion.

no biggie. we've only got to ...
  • get travel insurance
  • book a hostel in bangkok (suggestions, anyone?)
  • send more/all belongings home in boxes for the slow boat
  • pick up our pension reimbursement
  • wire money home
  • pack !
  • get passport-sized photos done for visas
  • rid our apartment of as much furniture as possible
  • throw ourselves an amazing goodbye party
the life 180 is right around the corner (again). wild times!

also, i promise to try to put more effort into future posts and not just vaguely ramble about how blown away i am by the fast-approaching end of our contract. but. still!

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